Thank You, Corona Data Donors!

Dear Corona Data Donors!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you.

Together, you have created a community of 538.174 donors (as of 16.06.2021). On average, there are about 1.304 donors per municipality in Germany, which is far more than we initially anticipated when the project was launched. Each and every one of you who registered for the Corona Data Donation is equipped with a fitness tracker or smart watch, directly enabling you to contribute data essential to understanding the COVID-19 situation in Germany. Moreover, your donation helps us improve our predictive models and develop a so-called Fever Map for Germany

Details on exactly how we are doing this, e.g. how to derive a Fever Map from your resting heart rate data, are provided in the post How does it work?.

New registrations as a function of time: In total, there are 512,951 donors (as of: 20 May 2020) registered on the Corona Data Donaton App with at least one device. The majority of donors registered shortly after the app was launched or shortly after in response to press releases related to it.

You should be proud to be a Corona Data Donor because a data donation-based research collaboration between scientists and citizens has never before been accomplished at this scale. Ever.

You are donating important vital signals, such as you daily resting heart rate, which are very personal and sensitive. We are fully aware of the trust you are endowing us with and we know that we owe it to you to deliver any results back to you, the public. Be assured that we are doing all that we can to improve the Covid-19 situation with your help, so that your trust will not be in vain.

On these pages we will keep you regularly informed of our progress at each stage of the analysis as we explain the motivation behind each step and the results that follow.

Dirk Brockmann
Dirk Brockmann

Head of Research on Complex Systems Group

Annika Rose
Annika Rose
PhD Student