The Fever Monitor

What is the fever monitor?

As of today, the Corona Data Donation Project features the Fever Monitor (see menu ‘Tools’ in the top navigation bar).

The monitor depicts the time course of the fever detections that we obtain from the raw resting heart rate and step count data the donors provide. Similar results were already discussed in the posts Feverish and Fever curves by federal state.

So what’s new? - Automation!

The Monitor represents the last piece in an automation sequence. Hidden behind the monitor are a number of complex steps in a process chain that begins with the raw data the donors provide and ends with the visualization of the detection curves. Steps of this analysis are the aggregation of data, filtering of time-series with too many gaps or faulty data, identification and processing of viable time-series which are then piped into the analysis algorithms that finally produce the results which are then sorted and manicured for the visualization you see.

This entire process is now done automatically and repeated every day, such that the Monitor will always display the latest results.

Annika Rose
Annika Rose
PhD Student
Dirk Brockmann
Dirk Brockmann

Head of Research on Complex Systems Group